Product Pulse: August 2017 Release Notes

Below are the Drawbridge product updates from August, 2017. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns on any of these features.

Audience Insights Report Enhancement
Drawbridge has added several new, helpful features to the Audience Insights Report

  • Overview: New changes to the Audience Insights Report include performance index by dimension, filtering by ad group, and two new tabs showing performance by platform activity and location.  Note that this data is not made available for any engagement made before 8/1/17.
  • Benefits: Users can now easily see which demographic, platform and location drive the best performance.  They can also better understand performance differences across ad groups.
  • Issues Being Resolved: Users no longer have to take time to determine which audience attributes drove the highest CTR or CVR - they can now quickly leverage the Audience Insights report to optimize their campaigns or derive powerful audience intelligence.
  • Drawbridge Help Desk Article

New Native Capability: Native Video for Web
Drawbridge now offers native video capabilities for web.  

  • Partner: TripleLift
  • Overview: Clients can now run native video ads on the web.  
  • Benefits: By using native video for web, advertisers can take advantage of consumer-friendly, non-intrusive, highly engaging ad units.

Event Path Report
Drawbridge has launched the Event Path Report, a new report visualization that shows conversions by where they are in the purchase funnel.  

  • Overview: The Event Path Report enables users to categorize conversions into upper, mid and lower funnel events. It then shows total events, conversion count, CPA and device breakdown by funnel category.  Lastly, users can see the proportion of same-device and cross-device conversions for each funnel tier.  
  • Benefits: By using the Event Path Report, users can now literally track the customer journey using their upper, mid and lower funnel pixels.
  • Issue Being Addressed: This report addresses the need of advertisers to both quantify and validate the quality of the consumers that their campaigns are driving to conversion.
  • Drawbridge Help Desk Article

Additional Bulk Editing Enhancements
Additional capabilities have been added to the bulk edit feature. 

  • Overview: Drawbridge has completed all changes to bulk editing, including organizing the drop downs and adding an ad group cloning capability.  
  • Benefits: These changes will create additional campaign management efficiencies. 


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