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Introducing Daily Product-Level Offline Attribution

First-To-Market Daily Product-level Attribution Solution

Drawbridge recently introduced the industry’s first daily product-level attribution solution, and we're very excited to be addressing a problem in the measurement space that brands and agencies have been trying to solve since the inception of digital advertising: how can I tie product-level sales to my digital or cross-device media efforts?” As of today, there’s a solution that is more accurate and reliable than what has previously been available in the marketplace.

Why this is so necessary?  An overview of the attribution landscape.

Every brand manager or agency representative is tasked with making their advertising dollars go as far as possible, or simply put, those media dollars need to generate as much ROI as possible. This is the case for every medium, whether it’s TV, Radio, OOH, Print, and of course digital. Digital, however, has posed a rather interesting predicament for advertisers, as its reporting capabilities can provide a real-time glimpse into campaign success metrics such as CTR, interaction rate, and video completion rates, as well purchases or high-value tasks taken online.  However, great campaign metrics don’t necessarily equate to offline success metrics such as store visits or sales.  

That’s been the missing piece for digital marketers as they haven’t been able to attribute targeted media placements, high-impact homepage takeovers, or viral videos to in-store sales activity. Within the last few years a few vendors have built products to help address this problem, but these solutions, while being extremely helpful, have been far from perfect. From a methodology standpoint, much of the data is still modeled and inferred, resulting in these metrics best being utilized directionally. Many of these reports were designed for desktop initiatives, meaning if you were running a large portion of your campaign on mobile, product-level reporting simply would not be feasible. In addition, many of these vendors have to license the purchase data from third-parties, resulting in hefty reporting costs for advertisers. And finally, reporting is typically provided well after the campaign has ended – typically 4-12 weeks later – wherein it then becomes more of an afterthought. While these reports were the first of their kind at the time, and helped provide visibility into the relationship online advertising has with offline sales, the industry has been long overdue to take the next step.

Introducing Daily Product-Level Attribution

Now Drawbridge offers the industry’s first daily product-level attribution measurement capability. This provides ROI measurement at the campaign- and product-level, and helps advertisers close the attribution loop, ultimately measuring the impact that cross-device digital exposure has on offline sales. But more importantly, this report is removing the previous restrictions that other attribution solutions have had. For instance, the ability to measure not only one product, but multiple products, and the ability to narrow down even further and track those products at specific retailers, such as a particular cereal SKU, or a SKU sold only at particular chains. That level of reporting granularity and flexibility is now available. 

However, what’s most important about this product is the ability to apply these purchase insights directly to your campaign. Purchase data is no longer used as post-campaign intel, but as a tangible, in-campaign optimization tool. This data is designed to make your in-market campaign more intelligent and yield stronger performance both online and offline.  

With this partnership, the notion of daily product-level reporting is no longer a dream, but very much a reality. We are providing brands with the ability to enhance their offline buy-rates in daily, a capability that hasn’t previously existed. Gone are the days of waiting and praying to see if your online efforts were effective – this product is providing the visibility and transparency needed to ensure your cross-device initiatives are as successful as possible. This industry-first report is connecting the online and offline worlds into one holistic marketing channel.  

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions about this new capability!


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