Product Pulse: Drawbridge RichQuery API

The need for people-based identity solutions across platforms, apps, and devices is exploding as digital identities are becoming more fragmented and short-lived. We’ve seen firsthand from our customers that the need for real-time, cloud-based identity solutions is growing, and the use cases and problem statements we are solving with our customers are broadening and becoming more complex. Thus, we set out to build our Identity Graph in a way that would endure any use case or question thrown at it – whether it is to prospect new users, attribute offline or cross-device sales to digital campaigns, or even to prevent fraud on digital devices. 

The Drawbridge RichQuery API is a milestone product that truly democratizes identity intelligence. The API provides:

  • Real-time identity resolution so clients can identify, understand, and act on new and current customers in real time.
  • Zero infrastructure investment, making it possible to find customers across all devices on demand without ingesting a full graph file. 
  • Additional channels to reach prospects by querying consumers on devices new to you, including desktop, mobile, connected TV, or other connected devices, and receiving user details, associated identifiers, and device attributes. 

The Drawbridge RichQuery API enables businesses and developers to gain real-time intelligence from massive amounts of identity data without any upfront infrastructure investment. Think of a nation-wide retailer using device behavior data to reach users with personalized content and driving foot traffic. Or think of a small online survey company using identity data to conduct A/B tests. One pilot partner is using the RichQuery API for real-time people-based analytics, and another is using the API to personalize content and product recommendations to drive more effective engagement and conversions.

Here's an example API data flow for site personalization:

The RichQuery API is accessible via a simple REST interface. Developers can take advantage of Drawbridge’s powerful identity graph at global scale in real time, seamlessly incorporating identity resolution into their main products. They can also customize the identity graph based on use cases and KPIs while only paying for the data they use.

You can set-up the RichQuery API in 4 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for free trial 
  2. Ingest your audience
  3. Customize your graph
  4. Request RichQuery API Access

Let’s Build Together!

The RichQuery API allows you to harness Drawbridge's unparalleled Identity Graph to solve for many use cases. We know that the applications we have built only scratch the surface, and we are excited to learn what you build with RichQuery API. Get started today and tell us what you think at!


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