Product Pulse: Self-Serve Graph Dashboard – Another Step Toward Cross-Device Identity Democratization

Remember the day (not too long ago) when the concept of licensing a piece of technology that could help bridge your audience to their multiple devices seemed like not only a very interesting prospect, but an intimidating and daunting one as well? Typically such conversations or topics were restricted to those within your organization with pocket protectors and PhD’s from MIT or Stanford. Even if your organization was keen on the idea of licensing a cross-device graph solution, the engineering resources and perhaps the price tag were just too much to be given serious consideration. “How can we possibly do this? I think it’s really valuable, but we just don’t have the resources to invest in this at the moment. Perhaps some day we’ll think about it more seriously, but not now”.

Well that day has finally arrived!  Drawbridge is excited to announce the release of the Self-Service Dashboard for our Connected Consumer Graph®.  This dashboard is the first of its kind in market, and will be a catalyst for data-driven enterprises to easily and efficiently gain an understanding of the cross-device behavior of their audiences.  

Well, How Does it Work?
You can start by navigating to the Graph section of the Drawbridge website.  

Click on the "GIVE IT A TRY!" button, and you’ll be directed to a page that provides an explanation of the setup process and sets you up with an account login & password. 

The graph evaluation process is broken out into three phases:
  • Audience Mapping - You can map your audience to Drawbridge using Cookies and/or Mobile Device IDs.
  • Data Verification - Once your audience data is uploaded, you can verify that your data is populating accurately via the Audience Input Dashboard.
  • Evaluate Your Graph - Within as little as 7 days, you can start to evaluate cross-device audience composition metrics.

The Final Output
Initial results will begin to populate within 7-14 days, but will continue to increase over time if you are syncing your audience via a cookie-sync pixel.  This data will include:
  • Total Mapped Users (to the Connected Consumer Graph)
  • Total Mapped Devices
  • Total Mapped Identifiers (e.g. cookies, IDFAs, GAIDs and Connected TVs)
  • Composition by Country, Device Type and Browser 

So How Much Will This Cost?
The Self-Service Dashboard was designed to be efficient both from an engineering and financial perspective.  The goal of the product is to convey the scale and precision of the Connected Consumer Graph, and more importantly, help brands understand more about their audiences’ cross-device behavior.  That is why we are offering a free 60-day trial period for your evaluation.  This should provide ample analysis time as audience results will begin to populate within 7-14 days.  

Key Takeaways
The Self-Serve dashboard eliminates much of the red tape and heavy-lifting previously associated to graph evaluations.  It also makes the graph more accessible for smaller brands & enterprises that previously believed they did not have the resources required to evaluate and obtain this type of technology.  More importantly, It’s also adding a layer of transparency and and eliminating the "black-box" mystique that cross-device graphs are often associated with.  

Finally, the Self-Serve Dashboard is yet another step in Drawbridge's quest to Democratize Cross-Device Identity.  This means beginning to break down the walled-gardens and making this technology readily available to anyone who feels it can be of value to their organization, and doing so in a safe, privacy-compliant manner for consumers.  


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We're taking another step toward #crossdevice democratization! Introducing: self-service graph evaluation dashboard


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