Drawbridge App Traction Index

You’ve probably seen the reports from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Marketplace that feature rankings for “most downloaded apps.” They’re neat, but the reality is that while average smartphone users spend time in 25 apps a month, half of all the time is spent in their single most-used app. And, still more telling, nearly 80% of smartphone time and 87% of tablet time spent in apps are within a user’s top three apps. So, while the most-downloaded lists are cool, they do little to indicate use after install. 

By using mobile in-app ad requests as a proxy for use, as well as daily and monthly data from our Connected Consumer Graph™, Drawbridge has observed and compiled trends deeper than the initial download popularity contests. This report is about the apps that are getting the most traction from real consumers. Download the App Traction Index (.pdf) >

Here's a quick look at some of what's inside the report: