The Largest & Most Precise Independent People-Based Identity Solution Available

The Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph® is the industry’s leading cross-device identity solution. It is built using patented probabilistic technology that observes and correlates non-permanent, user-resettable identifiers to make predictions about device ownership.

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Here's What Sets Us Apart

Nielsen has validated the Drawbridge graph to be 97.3% precise. This means that for every 100 matches that we predicted, 97 of them were correct (true-positives), and only 3 were incorrect (false-positives).

Drawbridge reaches more than 1.3 billion consumers across more than 3.3 billion devices, including all of the digital environments consumers love on their smartphones, tablets, computers, and connected TVs.

With over 80% coverage of the internet population in North America and Europe, and high coverage in Asia, Latin America, and Australia, this is a truly global solution.

We are a mobile-first company, observing billions of mobile devices each month, giving us the highest coverage of mobile advertising IDs, cookies, and connected devices. Mobile is the lynchpin for true cross-device scale.

Not only do we offer flexible pricing and payment terms, but our proofs-of-concept are free, and you can conduct a
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 to understand the cross-device activity of your first-party audience.

Our graph is accessible for brands and enterprises to leverage for tons of cross-device data applications because it exists outside of any walled gardens. The data can be ported into CRM systems, DMPs, marketing clouds, or a DSP of your choice.

This isn’t a one-size fits all graph. We can customize and tune to your particular application and tolerance for for scale, precision, and even format.

Though born in martech, our graph isn't just limited to marketing and advertising. Clients use our graph for content personalization, e-commerce recommendations, marketing automation, attribution, fraud detection, and more.

Use Cases in Ad-Tech & Beyond


Understanding and targeting your customers across multiple devices is hard. The Connected Consumer Graph helps you easily reach potential shoppers and move them down the purchase funnel.


Use the Connected Consumer Graph to answer your attribution needs by connecting offline and online conversions to digital marketing efforts across devices and channels.  


The Connected Consumer Graph helps you tailor and personalize your site content and product recommendations based on customer activities across all devices and platforms!


Because the Connected Consumer Graph understands device conections, we can help you flag potentially fraudulent behavior, so you can prompt a security question.

Here's How We Build It

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