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Cross-Device Identity Solution


The Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph® is the industry’s leading cross-device identity solution, reaching more than one billion consumers across more than three billion devices. It is built using probabilistic, or predictive, technology that observes user access patterns, demographics, interest segments, and other information to make predictions about consumers and their device ownership. 

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Any brand or enterprise that has consumers interacting with products or services on more than one device can benefit from the Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph. Connect with 1B+ consumers across 3B+ devices with 97.3% verified precision.

Here's What Sets Us Apart

  • Precision That's Precisely High – Nielsen has validated our probabilistic Connected Consumer Graph® and found it to be 97.3% precise in indicating a relationship between two or more devices. This means that for every 100 matches that we predicted, 97 of them were correct (true-positives), and only 3 were incorrect (false-positives).

  • Scale Beyond Scale – The Connected Consumer Graph includes more than 1.3 billion consumers across more than 3.3 billion devices and more than 9 billion identifiers (device IDs, cookies, etc.), including all of the digital environments consumers love (browsers and in-app) on their smartphones, tablets, computers, and connected TVs.

  • We've Got Global Coverage Covered – The Connected Consumer Graph has over 80% coverage of the Internet population in North America and Europe. Furthermore it’s a truly global solution with high coverage in other parts of the world as well, including Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

  • We’re Mobile-Minded – We are a mobile-first company with a strong infrastructure that understands mobile behavior and patterns. We observe billions of mobile devices each month, giving us the highest coverage of mobile advertising IDs, cookies, and connected devices. Mobile is the lynchpin for true cross-device scale.

  • Free Proof for POCsNot only do we offer flexible pricing and payment terms, but our proofs-of-concept are free, and you can conduct a FREE self-service evaluation via our website to understand the cross-device activity of your first-party audience.

  • Data To Go – The Connected Consumer Graph is accessible for brands and enterprises to leverage for many cross-device data applications because it exists outside the walled gardens of the large Internet incumbents. The data can be ported into your CRM system, DMP, email marketing cloud, or DSP of choice for better marketing and attribution.

  • Couture not Cookie-Cutter Graphs – Our graph isn’t offered as a one-size fits all – it can be customized and tuned to your particular application for scale/precision/format.

  • A Multi-Purposed Purpose – Though Drawbridge was born in the martech world, the applications of our graph are not limited to just marketing and advertising. Our clients utilize our technology for a range of applications, including content personalization, e-commerce recommendations, attribution, marketing automation, fraud detection, and more.

  • Diverse Data Acquisition Strategy – We use a variety of data partners to access anonymous data at large scale from mobile and desktop exchanges, DMPs, location data providers, and more. This results in visibility into over 80 billion ad requests each day, and over 9 trillion observations processed weekly.

Use Cases Beyond AdTech

Here's How We Acquire Data

Drawbridge predominantly leverages partnerships within the advertising ecosystem to access anonymized data at large scale. We have seats on all of the major mobile and desktop ad exchanges and networks, as well as several partnerships with publishers and other data providers that provide supplemental user segments.

These partnerships provide Drawbridge with anonymized consumer and device data, which is then processed by our proprietary machine-learning algorithms. 

Here's How We Build It

Drawbridge’s engineering and data science teams have been building and iterating on the Connected Consumer Graph for over five years, honing the precision while expanding the scale. It’s a three-step process to pair, score, and cluster devices.

Reach on a Global Scale

Drawbridge uses sample sets of anonymized deterministic data from multiple trusted third-parties to both train the probabilistic model and validate the precision of the results. In total, Drawbridge uses over 100 million deterministic pairs to train and validate its model.

Large Scale at Three Resolutions

Drawbridge's Connected Consumer Graph offers scale at every resolution – from devices, to individual consumers, to consumers who are associated with households. These three levels of granularity offer brands different ways to engage depending on your goals.

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