Self-Service Graph Evaluation

Drawbridge's Self-Service Graph Evaluation Dashboard enables customizable see-it-for-yourself precision and recall – all based on your data!  And the best part about this? We’re offering a free 60-day trial.  We’re giving brands, agencies, and enterprises the ability to select from a variety of graph algorithms and output formats on a 100% transparent and self-service basis – so you can see firsthand how those choices impact the precision and recall of your custom graph from Drawbridge. 

To begin your free 60-day trial of the Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph®,  please read through the three basic steps to get started, and be sure to read the DATA EVALUATION LICENSE AGREEMENT (will open in new tab). Once you're ready to get started – click the I'm Ready button below and submit the form.

Here are three basic steps to getting started:

  1. Map Your Audience Data to Drawbridge – You can perform a simple cookie-sync with Drawbridge, and/or upload a list of device IDs for us to start building your custom graph.

  2. Verify Your Data – Verify the progress of your cookie-sync and/or device ID upload on the Drawbridge dashboard. 

  3. Evaluate Your Graph – Visualize the composition of your custom graph by consumers, devices, identifier types, and country.