Cross-Device Insights with Real-Time Attribution Metrics

The Drawbridge Cross-Device Insights suite gives marketers the complete picture with real-time cross-device campaign performance and attribution metrics.

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Cross-Device Insights Capabilities

With the addition of Path to Purchase and Multi-Touch Attribution, the Drawbridge Cross-Device insights suite provides marketers a holistic view of their consumer’s, and more importantly, helps evaluate and optimize their media investment across all digital touchpoints.

Real-Time Campaign Insights

Drawbridge provides access to an extensive array of performance metrics in real-time.  Using this dashboard you can drill down into campaign, ad group or ad performance by geography, device type, operating system, ad size, format, publisher and more. You can also access reporting information via an API.

Detailed Audience Insights

The Audience Insights report details demographics including the predicted age, geography, income, and gender of consumers reached, plus offline data measures retail visits and interests of those audiences.

Pinpoint Geographical Performance Hot Spots

Understand where in the world your audiences are seeing and engaging with your ads with this country-by-country account of campaign metrics.

Granular Offline Attribution

Offline visit attribution reporting details the lift from cross-device exposure on visits to physical locations, as well as the perceived interests and demographics of retail visitors. This report enables more granular analysis and mid-flight campaign optimization.

Path-to-Conversion Insights

As part of the Insights suite, you can path-to-conversion metrics, offline attribution metrics, and weighted attribution reports, all in a fully transparent, real-time interface.

Cross-Device Attribution

Cross-Device Conversion Attribution Matrix and Funnel reports show you a breakdown of which devices are the most influential in driving conversions across all devices.

Cross-Device Reach & Frequency

Reach-and-Frequency reports show the number of unique consumers who have been reached across devices, plus the overlaps and lift for those reached on multiple devices. It’s an easy way to measure where and how often target consumers are reached.  

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