Our Platform Delivers Power, Transparency, and Performance 

With the ability to seamlessly reach consumers across devices, Drawbridge is the ideal campaign management platform to set up, launch, and measure cross-device marketing initiatives. This self-service product suite provides an accurate and transparent means of connecting with consumers and measuring results across computers, smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

Plus, users get to leverage the power of the Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph® to extend and enhance their targeting, reach, attribution, and insights. Drawbridge’s graph includes more than one billion consumers with 97.3% verified precision.

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Here's What Sets Us Apart

  • Mobile and cross-device roots – Mobile and cross-device has been our DNA from the start, versus the legacy desktop platforms who have adopted mobile and cross-device strategies through building or acquiring technology. 

  • Built on the leading cross-device graph – Our bidding and optimizing algorithms are built on top of the Connected Consumer Graph®, enabling our platform to make better decisions that result in more successful campaigns. 

  • Third-party integrations intersected with our graph – We layer third-party data on top of our own cross-device data to deliver truly unique cross-device targeting and attribution solutions. 

  • Best-in-class cross-device insights – Drawbridge has the leading cross-device insights suite, providing marketers with a holistic view of their consumers and helping them evaluate and optimize their media investment across all digital touchpoints. 

Cross-Device Creative Capabilities

Drawbridge supports and optimizes many creative formats. Marketers can use their own creative assets or leverage Drawbridge in-house experts to resize, reformat, and even build new creatives.

Cross-Device Strategies

Drawbridge enables brands to reach consumers across devices in innovative ways.

Create and Manage Campaigns

Build granular audience-focused cross-device marketing campaigns using an intuitive, step-by-step interface, define ad groups with specific targeting parameters, and optimize to revenue goals, profit goals, or performance goals such as cost-per-click, cost-per-thousand, or cost-per-install.

Define Specific Targeting Parameters

Reach consumers on their mobile devices based on inferences made from their desktop usage, or extend audience segments from various data management platforms to reach consumers across all their devices.

Through integrations with BlueKai, Datalogix, eXelate, Factual, and others, you can easily extend and enhance your own first-party data, and leverage device information or offline attributes such as point-of-purchase, customer loyalty, or CRM data, or layer third-party interest, demographic, and contextual data to further optimize campaign targeting and reach consumers across devices throughout the entire path to purchase.

Targeting dimensions including connection type, device type, mobile carrier, operating system, and language.

Additional detailed targeting dimensions such as location by region, DMA, or geo-fencing around a specific address bring added focus to any cross-device initiative.

Bring Your Own Audience

Extend your first-party data segments using Drawbridge's Graph Amplifier to reach your ideal audiences across all of their devices.

Get Creative with Your Creative

All of the standard IAB formats including Rising Stars units, MRAID rich media, VAST , and VPAID video formats, along with custom Drawbridge formats, such as rich media and Carousel units, are supported across desktop, mobile web, mobile app, and connected TV environments.

Complete the Picture with Real-Time Measurement

Understand impressions, clicks, conversions, revenue, and other performance metrics across devices. 

Measure same- and cross-device conversions, plus post-conversion lifetime-value analysis for a holistic consumer view. 

Gain precise insights into your audience, including demographic and geographic performance trends. 

View reach & frequency overlaps and top conversion paths across devices. Analyze device-level ROI by comparing last-click and full-funnel cross-device weighted attribution models. 

Understand how online reach influences offline brand interactions from store visits to purchases by utilizing first party CRM data integrations or third-party store-visit data. 

Get a Clear View on Viewability & Brand Safety

Advertisers can maximize the potential of RTB inventory by applying pre-bid targeting from Integral Ad Science for mobile web and display impressions.

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