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Reaching and Engaging
with Millennials

Make sure you’re ready to reach them
across all their devices and along their
entire offbeat path to purchase.

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Nine Digital Advertising

Identify nine of the biggest digital
advertising misconceptions plaguing the
industry and blocking your success.

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Cross-Device Graphs
for Marketers

Learn about the challenges, opportunities,
and differentiators in the confusing world
of cross-device graphs.

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The Four I's of Cross-Device Marketing

Identity, Interoperability, Insights, and
Incrementality are the essential new
guidelines of digital media decisions.

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Cross-Device Fact or Fiction?

We bust the five most common cross-
device myths once and for all.

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IAB Cross-Media Ad Effectiveness Study

The research shows that across 5 verticals
the inclusion of digital ad formats in a
traditional campaign improves brand impact
both individually and in combination with
traditional media formats.

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People-Based Identity
Best Practices

For Site Personalization and Site-side Personalization

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People-Based Marketing
Doesn't Stop With People

Multi-Resolution Identity Will Power Martech's Future

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Beyond Attribution & Reporting

Run-of-the-mill campaign measurement and real-time performance reports have become table-stakes for today’s modern marketers.

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Attribution Modeling
for the Modern Marketer

Today’s always-connected consumers, the customer journey has become increasingly fragmented, and understanding that path and properly attributing actions has become more and more difficult.

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Putting the "People"
in People-Based Marketing

In order to get the most out of people-based marketing, brands have to understand more than just people in order to drive improvements in customer experiences, including more targeted advertising, holistic attribution, personalization, and even security applications.

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The Complete Guide to Evaluating Identity-Powered Platforms

Learn about the must-have tools and insights to fully unlock people-based marketing.

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