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Del Monte Foods

This solution delivers against a gap we've seen in the industry where there have been limited options for measuring sales conversion from digital marketing. With this technology, we can now quantify the physical in-store sales impact from our digital campaigns and do so on a nearly real-time basis. -Jennifer Reiner Director, Marketing Activation and Shopper Marketing

Del Monte Foods Connects Online with Offline Sales Lift


  • 34% incremental lift in overall sales of Del Monte products.
  • 31% incremental lift in overall purchase volume.


  • Reach on smartphones drove 86% of the total purchase traffic.
  • Details on the highest-selling UPCs and average transaction value.
  • Identification of the retailers that saw the highest sales by DMA.
  • An ideal exposure-to-conversion frequency of 4 or fewer impressions.
  • Insights into the strongest performing audience segments.

Hotel Chain

Drawbridge's unique people-based identity solution helped both extend our audience and find new customers.

Hotel Chain Drives Better ROI


Utilize Drawbridge cross-device ad optimization strategy, including machine-learning, to drive high-quality installs from consumers while ensuring return on ad spend metrics were met and exceeded.


Thanks to unique Drawbridge capabilities, this hotel chain achieved both scale and performance. 

  • A CPA 20% lower than the hotel’s goal
  • More than 13K bookings

Insurance Provider

Drawbridge has become more than just a technology provider – they are a true partner that’s helping our brand succeed."

Insurance Provider Boosts Brand Lift


One of the nation’s largest insurance companies for auto, homeowners, motorcycle, and renters insurance, wanted to increase brand lift and drive rich media interactions.


Drawbridge’s cross-device expertise and custom-built creative helped this insurance provider achieve:

  • 204% overall brand lift
  • 7.19% interaction rate for rich media units
  • 3.32% overall CTR


Best Mobile Campaign and Grand Prix” at the Drum Digital Trading Awards

Cross-Device Delivers Visits 

Specsavers, the leading UK optical retail chain, wanted to leverage cross-device to understand the impact that mobile advertising has on all digital conversions and store visits, while minimizing wasted impressions through universal frequency capping across devices.

In a three-phased strategy, Drawbridge and Manning Gottlieb OMD proved:
  • Cross-device contributed to 75% of online appointments booked.
  • Mobile was responsible for 40% of all eye-test bookings.
  • Audiences reached on two devices were twice as likely to walk into a store.
  • Audiences reached on all three devices were 3x more likely to visit a store, resulting in a 43% lift in store visits.

Major Airline

We knew mobile played an important role in our customers' journeys, and Drawbridge helped prove that by applying cross-device data to our mobile campaigns.”

Cross-Device Engagement Soars for a Major Airline

An international airline approached Drawbridge to increase awareness and bookings through mobile devices.

Through several tactics leveraging the Connected Consumer Graph®, including conquesting and extending location across devices, Drawbridge:
  • Achieved engagement rates 11x higher than the goal.
  • Enriched audience segments with granular demographic data.
  • Learned who the airline’s most engaged consumers were across devices.
  • Targeting tablet users yielded the highest engagement.

Apparel Retailer

Drawbridge was able to ramp up our reach and start driving high-value customers to our site quicker than any other partner.”

Cross-Device Delivers Perfect Fit

A national clothing retailer approached Drawbridge to institute a cross-device burst campaign to reach a wide audience of consumers, increase site traffic, and drive purchases during a one-day sales event, while maintaining a low cost per user acquisition.

Drawbridge focused on retargeting consumers on desktop from mobile and re-engaging consumers who had visited but abandoned a shopping cart.  
  • Scaled impressions to key audiences up to 10X the baseline within 24 hrs.
  • Achieved a 19.5X ROI in one day.
  • Increased average order value, proving incremental sales.

Connected Home Company

We've been blown away by the results we saw with Drawbridge.”

Cross-Device Sells Big for the Connected Home

A smart home automation company wanted to capitalize on in-market holiday shoppers with a burst campaign surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday to increase foot traffic in stores carrying their product.

With 24k+ incremental visits, and a 28% lift, Drawbridge was named the top-performing partner in this campaign – even against competitors specialized in online to offline footfall. Drawbridge Cross-Device Insights also uncovered solid engagement from 45-54-year-old male customers with high household incomes, and focused on scaling reach to this valuable audience.

High-End Furniture Company

Drawbridge really helped illuminate the cross-device purchase journey of our customers, which will impact our plans going forward.”

Cross-Device Bolsters Efficient CPA For High-End Furniture Company

A high-end furniture retailer wanted to drive digital engagement around post-holiday sales event and markdowns.

Drawbridge leveraged the machine learning capabilities of the Connected Consumer Graph® to meet and exceed the goal.

  • Provided details on location, age, gender, and browsing tendencies of the brand’s most engaged audience.
  • Proved correlation between desktop conversions after mobile exposure.

Retail Grocery

Drawbridge’s cross-device retail playbook, which included smart geo-targeting, really helped us deliver on our store visit KPIs.”

Cross-Device Checks Out For Organic Supermarket Chain

A high-end healthy supermarket chain wanted to increase awareness and drive store visits through a cross-device retargeting campaign.

Drawbridge leveraged the machine learning capabilities of the Connected Consumer Graph® to meet and exceed the goal.

  • Targeted potential customers in 14 metropolitan locations.
  • Drove 10% lift in store visits.
  • Discovered an unknown audience segment for client.

Quick-Serve Restaurant

Drawbridge found insights that greatly enhanced our customer understanding and refocused our cross-device marketing efforts to the channels that deliver best.”

Cross-Device Delivers For QSR

A quick-service restaurant (QSR) wanted to drive pizza pickup orders while ultimately increasing foot traffic to their midwestern chain.

The campaign performed 25% better than the goal. The CPA trended down week by week prompting the chain to renew the campaign. In addition, Drawbridge’s proprietary Cross-Device Platform helped the store:

  • Achieve CTR on ads 40% better than goal rate.
  • Push 363K incremental store visitors with a cost per store visit of $0.40.
  • Drawbridge Cross-Device Insights also proved that that cross-device reach served on smartphones yielded the highest number of conversions.

Healthcare Provider

We want people to know we’re here for them when they need us most, and Drawbridge has helped get eyes on our brand.”

Cross-Device Strengthens Awareness for Health Care System

A state healthcare system wanted to drive awareness and visits to their locations by increasing traffic to their “find a location” landing page.


  • 33% higher CTR than the industry average.
  • Drawbridge proprietary Cross-Device Insights showed that performance was not skewed by demographic, indicating the messaging was received equally well among all ages, genders, and races.
  • Interstitial ads and cross-device retargeting further improved performance.

Financial Services

Drawbridge’s cross-device targeting capabilities have been a great investment for us.”

Cross-Device Drives In-Store Traffic

A large financial services and communications institution approached Drawbridge to drive walk-in traffic to its store branches through cross-device retargeting and real-time audience insights.

Drawbridge leveraged real-time campaign data to:

  • Scale cross-device reach in the first week of the campaign.
  • Increase click through rates by 40% in one month.
  • Retarget from desktop to mobile to increase click through rates by 6x.
  • Deliver a 65% lift in store visits among the target audience.

Consumer Electronics

Wearables are the future of consumer electronics, Drawbridge helped us prove that.”

Cross-Device, Perfect Fit for Wearables

A leading consumer electronics company wanted to drive holiday pre-orders (in-store and online) in advance of the product launch, and achieve positive ROI on the campaign as measured by sales.

By combining cross-device direct-response tactics with upper-funnel awareness strategies, Drawbridge delivered:

  • 15x ROI for the holiday launch campaign of this new wearable device.
  • Cross-device attribution metrics for consumers who researched on one device, but purchased on another device.
  • Insights into gender, age, and income of the high-value converters.


Our site engagement doubled after working with Drawbridge, that’s exactly what we hoped for and more.”

Cross-Device Maps Success for Travel

A state tourism board needed to drive new unique traffic to its website, lift site engagement, and increase travel guide downloads.


  • Observed 64% higher CTR than the average observed across the plan.
  • Doubled site engagement from campaign average.
  • Drove 50% more leads than the second-best performing partner.
  • Served 19% fewer impressions than the other partners on the plan.

Online Retailer

The sequential messaging really hit this campaign out of the park for us.”

Cross-Device Delivers the Goods for Online Retailer

An online retail company came to Drawbridge to drive engagement, click through rates, and conversions with their core audience.


  • Delivered 9X more efficient CPA while engaging with millions of unique users with deliberate messaging to guide toward conversions.
  • Measured tens of thousands of desktop conversions that were first reached on mobile.
  • Drove efficient conversions with universal cross-device frequency cap.

College Network

Education is a gift, and Drawbridge is helping us deliver at our best rates yet!”

Cross-Device Chalks Up New Students for College Network

A national network of colleges came to Drawbridge to drive inquiries and leads of interested students through a cross-device retargeting and TV Companioning campaign.


  • Engaged consumers on mobile and drove them to desktop for conversion.
  • Reduced average cost per lead by 2.5x of target.
  • Reduced cost per lead 220% from baseline by layering cross-device digital reach with TV Companioning.


Drawbridge helped us think outside the box, jar, and bag to push our brand to new heights.”

Packaging Up Brand Awareness

A major CPG brand came to Drawbridge to drive viewability and completion rates in their cross-device video campaign to increase favorability, purchase intent and perceptions for their yellow mustard product.

Drawbridge dialed-in performance to successfully drive awareness and intent to the target 25-54 age range.

  • 80% video completion rate with a high viewability rating
  • 7 or more sequential cross-device exposures increased awareness, favorability and purchase intent among target audience

Casual Dining

We never thought that a cross-device strategy could beat our benchmark by this much.”

Ordering Up Cross-Device Results

A national casual dining chain wanted to increase mobile and cross-device traffic and completion rates for their online ordering and pick-up service.

Drawbridge leveraged cross-device capabilities to reach existing desktop visitors and customers on mobile and achieve high consumer engagement. 

  • Total cost per order reduced to 50% of target
  • 8x more efficient cost per order to benchmark when retargeting existing desktop customers across devices

TV Entertainment

Our engagement goals reached record highs – second screen included!”

Tuning-In Cross-Device Consumers

A major cable network came to Drawbridge to promote their annual week-long TV event. The campaign required fast scaling and delivery across devices in order to reach the most relevant consumers in this limited time.

Drawbridge leveraged custom Nielsen TV viewership segments, day-parting and home-wifi targeting tactics to achieve high engagement across devices.

  • Engagement rates 211% higher than client benchmark
  • 1.58% CTR on tablets, indicating high interest and second-screening for TV viewers


Drawbridge blew our traffic and engagement goals right out of the water.”

Driving Engagement for Major Japanese Auto Brand

Optimize toward website engagement by reaching in-market auto intenders. 

Drawbridge was the top cross-device performer, greatly surpassing all advertiser benchmarks for both qualified traffic and engagement goals.  

  • 6x better than goal for qualified mobile traffic
  • 13x lower cost per engagement versus goal
  • 60x better than goal for geo-conquesting
  • 32x better than goal for desktop to mobile retargeting


By targeting the right people at the right time, Drawbridge helped us reach the most serious consumers.”

Cross-Device Secures Leads for File Sharing and Storage Provider  

Drive software trials by targeting small business management across mobile and desktop devices.  

Drawbridge built custom audience segments and optimized by day-of-week and time-of-day to reach high-intent consumers, driving:  

  • 3x lower cost per transaction
  • 15% lift in conversions

Consumer Electronics

Drawbridge proved that mobile influences high-ticket-item purchases.

Lighting Up Cross-Device Sales with Dynamic Ads

Boost technology product sales by leveraging cross-device retargeting with dynamic messaging, while gaining a better understanding of consumers' purchase behavior.


  • Cross-device dynamic ads saw a 5% lift in click-through rates while averaging  22% lower eCPA than standard‬ banners on the same devices.


Great scale and performance in a very short timeframe.

Giving the Gift of In-Store Visits

Drive store visits for a national fashion retailer on Black Friday using third-party proximity data to reach high-intent consumers across devices from the same store, as well as competing retailers.

Within six days, Drawbridge:

  • Scaled the campaign 90x.
  • Brought the cost per store visit down to 72% lower than the average cost per store visit in the fashion retail vertical.


Drawbridge truly showed us the value of cross-device in driving in-store traffic.

Ringing Up Mobile Sales

Maximize online traffic efficiency and drive in-store visits by leveraging carrier conquesting and self-learning cross-device technology.

Drawbridge carrier segmentation drove:

  • 2.5x efficiency from qualified mobile traffic by leveraging cross-device data and desktop-to-mobile retargeting.
  • 3x efficiency for in-store traffic (measured by cost per visit).


Drawbridge proved to be a valuable partner by performing against all the right metrics.

Making Cross-Device Conversion Rates Take Off

Reach high-value consumers on mobile and minimize cost per booking.

Drawbridge cross-device data and self-learning desktop-to-mobile retargeting delivered:

  • 45% more efficient cost per booking compared to baseline.
  • 40% higher click-through rates compared to baseline.
  • 60% higher conversion rate compared to baseline.


Drawbridge drove precision targeting to put people on our dealer lots in specific DMAs.

Fueling Leads for Auto Dealers

Drive in-market qualified traffic within eight specific DMAs at scale. 


  • Average of 2.8x better cost per user acquisition efficiency than goal – even higher in certain DMAs when calculating last-click (measured by third party).
  • Visibility into 2x uplift compared to only last-click attribution through Drawbridge Cross-Device Insights, which includes cross-device and same-device conversions (click- and view-through). 

Fashion Retailer

Drawbridge brought new customers into the funnel and showed the value of cross-device conversions.

Making Cross-Device Fashionable

New customer acquisition with 2x ROI (last-click, seven-day attribution across all media), and benchmark mobile effectiveness with cross-device attribution.


  • 4X ROI (on same-device last-click) by utilizing a cross-device approach to campaign delivery.
  • 44X ROI from same-device and cross-device conversions driven by mobile ads.


Drawbridge drove the right engagement for our brand across devices.

Driving Cross-Device Brand Engagement

Maximize brand engagement and dealer interactions across smartphones, tablets, and desktops.


  • 1.75x increase in click-through rates using third-party intender data, cross-device retargeting, and click-retargeting.


Drawbridge has done a great job unifying how we can reach and message users across  devices.”

Making Cross-Device Sales Blossom

Efficiently execute programmatic, quick-ramp, heavy-up seasonal campaigns measuring purchases on mobile devices.

Drawbridge cross-device intent targeting led to:

  • eCPA of 23% better than goal (measured on last click with 24-hour window).
  • 100% conversion rate growth in ten days.


Drawbridge helped us gain maximum traction during an intense holiday shopping event.

Enabling Fashionistas to Shop in Cross-Device Style

Increase qualified holiday shopper traffic from smartphones and tablets while meeting cost per acquisition and conversion goals, and gain a better understanding of consumers’ purchase paths across devices.


  • Performance goals and campaign scaling achieved within the first week.
  • Cost per customer acquisition goal beat by 2X while delivering double-digit click-through and conversion rates.

Financial Services

Drawbridge helped us understand the impact of cross-device on desktop conversions.

Banking on Cross-Device

Understand the impact of reaching consumers across devices to drive new credit card applications.


  • Serving ads to targeted users on mobile using cross-device data led to a 24.4% higher conversion rate on desktop compared to those who did not see an ad on mobile. 


Drawbridge proved to be a valuable partner in driving qualified traffic into our dealers.

Revving Up Traffic for Auto Dealers

Drive dealer foot-traffic by optimizing toward mobile conversion events (locate dealer, zip code submit) and dealer-level website engagement based on cross-device behavior.


  • Top performing partner out of four on the plan. 
  • Reduced cost up to 5x over other media partners while maintaining campaign performance goals.
  • Drawbridge’s proprietary insights suite enabled client to see a unified view of customers across devices. 


Drawbridge met or exceeded our performance goals throughout the funnel.

Dialing Up Cross-Device Conversions

Drive brand awareness, consideration, leads, and qualified web and in-store traffic.


  • 4.5x better efficiency using desktop-to-mobile web retargeting vs baseline.
  • Drawbridge in-app retargeting (measured on click-through only) delivered 70% better efficiency compared to the plan baseline (measuring both click-through and view-through).


Drawbridge exceeded our campaign goals while delivering at scale.

Booking High-Value Consumers

Leverage cross-device campaign strategy to drive app installs from high lifetime value users for a major photo-book service.


  • Exceeded ROI goals while scaling 16x in seven weeks.
  • Experimented with several campaign elements (frequency capping, time-of-day parting, and dynamic CPC bidding) as part of a cross-device self-learning programmatic approach.

Mobile Advertising

Drawbridge showed us the power of cross-device data.”

Pinpointing the Right Intenders  

Reach mobile consumers by targeting entertainment intent consumers across devices in specific designated market areas (DMAs), while leveraging first- and third-party data.  


  • Leveraging Drawbridge cross-device data provided CTR up to 3x industry average.


Drawbridge’s performance consistently meets and exceeds other cross-device advertising  methods.”
Delivering the Right Crowd

Drive mobile customer acquisition with efficient cost per install and high return on investment following installs using Drawbridge cross-device data.


  • Massive scale while maintaining performance goals.
  • High efficiency: Click-through rates increased over 5x, well above the industry average, while maintaining acquisition cost.
  • 5-10% monthly ROI increase.


Drawbridge gives Groupon the innovative advantage to inform the right target audience about our latest deals.
Mobilizing Installs for Groupon

Utilize Drawbridge cross-device optimization strategy, including machine-learning, to drive high-quality installs while ensuring strong return on ad spend from new customer acquisitions.


  • 2x click-through rates compared to industry benchmark while maintaining scale over time.
  • 100% increase in conversions year-over-year while maintaining performance.

Core Digital Media

Drawbridge scaled fast and efficiently honed in on our super-niche audience.
Filling In Conversions

Target super-niche, high-intent audience to drive six- to ten-page form completions and drive high return on ad spend in mobile on a last-click basis.


  • Drawbridge scaled up conversion rates 15-30x within 45 days while staying within effective cost per lead (eCPL) range measured on a last-click seven-day model.