Drawbridge Announces TV Audiences Playbook to Reach and Measure Both Cord-Cutters and Cable Subscribers

Drawbridge has announced distinct connected TV and programmatic TV capabilities that reflect today’s evolving television audience landscape as part of its TV Audiences Playbook. Drawbridge’s connected TV and programmatic TV capabilities give brands the ability to reach consumers across all devices, as well as benefit from actionable cross-device reporting – all through the company’s Cross-Device Platform. This audience-based approach aligns with the shift currently unfolding with upfront TV buying, where brands are moving away from program-based buying and concentrating on getting in front of their ideal audiences, regardless of what they are watching.

“The traditional cable subscriber looks very different from a cord-cutter – and for that reason brands need to leverage a new formula to engage with these different audiences,” said Rahul Bafna, Drawbridge’s Vice President of Product Management and Partnerships. “Cable subscribers can best be reached and measured through a programmatic TV execution, and the connected TV is another digital touchpoint, much like mobile or desktop, to reach cord-cutters.”

Though TV captures twice as much of consumers’ media time as computers and a third more than mobile, cord-cutting continues to rise and streaming services are now seeing 50% penetration into US households. With these connected TV and programmatic TV capabilities, Drawbridge now enables its managed-service and self-service platform clients to reach and measure consumers across any device they own.

Drawbridge Programmatic TV

Historically, advertisers were required to purchase specific programs on certain networks as a way of reaching their target audiences. In contrast, Drawbridge is among the first Demand Side Platforms (DSP) to enable brands to reach audiences directly and efficiently directly through an RTB connection that lets them bid on and purchase linear TV inventory programmatically. With that comes all of the benefits of digital, including the ability to leverage first- or third-party data segments to reach niche audiences, instead of using extrapolated viewership data as a proxy for their audiences. This helps minimize waste and increase efficiency – something TV traditionally hasn’t been able to control. Measurement also becomes more granular with brands able to see when and where their ads run by network, time of day, and location, with each impression representing a real individual or household – not an extrapolated model.

Drawbridge Connected TV

With a connected TV execution comes all of the targeting abilities of any other digital device, including location targeting, contextual targeting, and even cross-device retargeting. More importantly, connected TV makes TV fully measurable with closed-loop, multi-touch attribution reporting at the household level, regardless of whether the conversion occurs online or offline.

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