Drawbridge Boosts Cross-Device Targeting and Activation Capabilities with PushSpring Unique Mobile App Audience Data

Today Drawbridge announced the addition of unique new data segments to its cross-device advertising platform from PushSpring, the first and largest independent app-based mobile audience platform. PushSpring’s data is derived solely from mobile apps, delivering truly differentiated audience inputs and segments for Drawbridge’s self-service and managed-service platform customers.

With consumers spending five hours per day on mobile devices, the mobile app environment is a data goldmine. PushSpring specializes in mobile audience data sourced from over 200 million mobile devices, which is broken into over 250 audience segments ranging from demographic, interest, and lifestyle-based categories, with the ability to quickly create custom segments. Drawbridge then leverages its Connected Consumer Graph® to extend these mobile app-based audience segments and reach those consumers across all of their associated devices.

“The audience data landscape is extremely cluttered, and most of the available data in the marketplace is very similar, if not duplicative, across vendors,” said Drawbridge’s VP of Sales for North America, Dini Mehta. “Using mobile app ownership data as a targeting parameter combined with our cross-device graph ​is incredibly differentiated.​ Advertisers need and want to reach consumers based on where they are spending majority of their time,​ ​while activating on a particular device at the time they are most likely to convert. This allows us to be truly device-agnostic from a targeting and activation standpoint.”

“Today’s most effective cross-device marketing strategies rely on the combination of highly accurate audience data combined with a best in class cross-platform identity resolution,” said Brandon Zirkle, Vice President of Partnerships at PushSpring. “Through our partnership with Drawbridge, marketers can now access the full library of PushSpring audiences or build their own mobile-originated custom audiences in the PushSpring Audience Console and execute targeted cross-device media campaigns on the Drawbridge Cross-Device Platform.”


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PushSpring & Drawbridge Partner for Mobile-Led Cross-Device Solution

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