Drawbridge Gives Cross-Device Graph Partners Choices and Visibility with Customizable and Self-Service Precision, Recall, and Coverage

Drawbridge, the leading anonymized digital identity company, today announced significant updates to its Connected Consumer Graph®, enabling partners to select from a variety of graph algorithms and output formats on a self-service basis, and see firsthand how those choices impact the precision, recall, and coverage of their custom graph from Drawbridge.

“Brands, agencies, and enterprises from every vertical are interested in cross-device identity, and our dashboard makes it easier for partners to understand what their data looks like in a cross-device space without having to enter lengthy contract negotiations or involve significant engineering resources,” said Drawbridge VP of Product Management and Partnerships, Rahul Bafna. “Marketers now have complete visibility into how their choices impact the precision, recall, and coverage of their custom graphs mapped to their audience, down to the level of device and device identifier types.”

Drawbridge’s partners leverage the Connected Consumer Graph for a range of applications, including retargeting, audience extension, attribution, login authentication, content optimization, and more, and each partner’s unique need requires a unique graph. The company has developed advanced algorithms that allow partners to choose varying levels of precision, recall, and coverage, and immediately see how the match rate and number of connected devices is affected. This gives them the flexibility to start with one or multiple versions of a graph and experiment within their own platforms in real-world scenarios, and then make a more informed decision for their specific use case.

“High precision isn’t always the right answer, as some partners can work trade precision for higher coverage of consumers or an increased number of connected devices that can be provided against their first-party audience,” added Bafna. “The point is that one size does not fit all. This is just the beginning in terms of customization – we continue to innovate in the space and we’ll have more announcements in the future.”

The Self-Service Evaluation Dashboard makes the entire process of building a custom graph more automated, flexible, and accessible, and creates a frictionless, transparent environment for visualizing and analyzing the composition of cross-device audiences. The dashboard provides brands and enterprises with a free 60-day trial to understand the audience overlap and cross-device usage of their own first-party audiences through the Connected Consumer Graph. Drawbridge data is leveraged by the world’s largest agencies, brands, and enterprise software companies, including Oracle, LiveRamp, Neustar, The Trade Desk, Foursquare, TapFwd, and more, for a number of business and customer experience applications.


“This is about providing transparency," says Drawbridge CEO @kamakshis #CrossDevice


Major kudos to our Product & Engineering org. for taking cross-device out of the black-box environment and providing transparency for brands and enterprises.


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