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Drawbridge enables you to engage in three ways:


Leverage the Connected Consumer Graph® for digital advertising, closed-loop attribution, content personalization, or risk and fraud detection.

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The Drawbridge RichQuery API provides actionable identity in real time so you can instantly find and engage customers and prospects on new platforms. 

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Get a complete view of the people you're reaching and optimize spend across all of your digital marketing efforts with reporting, attribution, and path-to-purchase visibility.

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People-Based Marketing 
Doesn't Stop With People

Multi-Resolution Identity Will Power Martech's Future

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We're democratizing digital identity to give marketers more traction.

We've built an end-to-end solution that gives brands new ways to engage with consumers so they can understand a person’s digital presence, anticipate their needs and intentions, and deliver appropriate messages or personalized content across their devices – all in an efficient and privacy-friendly manner. 

Customers can work with Drawbridge in three ways: licensing the Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph® for cross-device data applications, accessing identity in real time via the RichQuery API, or leveraging our insights to get analytics across all of your digital media. Interested? Let's connect.

People-Based Identity:
Three Ways to Engage


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Drawbridge technology helps brands connect with people in a multi-device world.

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