We're Building Technology that Powers a People-Based World 


Connecting Consumers, Devices, and Households 

We bridge personal computing devices, mobile, emerging devices to reach more than one billion consumers across more than three billion digital devices.

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Cross-Device Reach & Activation

Consumers can be seamlessly reached across devices through our platform by layering first- or third-party audience segments, location attributes, CRM data, and other custom attributes powered by our Connected Consumer Graph®.

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Cross-Device Insights and Analytics 

Drawbridge provides brands with a complete, 360-degree view of their audiences, giving marketers the ability to measure cross-device influence and attribute consumer actions – both online and offline.

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Some people call it big data. We prefer a slightly different term: clairvoyance.

Drawbridge understands consumers. A lot of companies can say that, but we take it a step further. In fact, we can actually makes predictions about people. How is that even possible? Because we know how people use devices to get information about things they are interested in. This enables us to provide brands and enterprises with the most comprehensive understanding of their customers. 

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Drawbridge solutions help brands connect with people in a multi-device world.

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